What to do when your heart’s torn in two?

I’m not a very morbid person. I enjoy being happy and I always have a smile on my face. I also tend to see the bright side of things, the cup half full, so on and so forth. I’ve just been in a funk lately. There’s a guy who I can be my complete self around. He’s great, really. But is it bad that I have to justify his “greatness.” Because you see, this guy has hurt me many times. I have a lot of history with him and we’ve been dating on and off for almost two years now. Recently we have become distanced because he is six hours away at college and my parents hate him. Mind you, this is no Romeo and Juliet; my parents have legitimate reasons for not wanting me to be with him. Like I said, he has screwed me over PLENTY of times previously. Hell, his own mother doesn’t blame my parents. Bottom line is, he knows he’s been in the wrong. So, we’ve been trying to see each other but because of my parents he has to be a secret. He doesn’t want to be a secret; and frankly he shouldn’t have to be, and I don’t blame him because that’s just not fair to him and no one should be subjected to being a secret. It’s a horrible feeling. The fact of the matter is, I’ve been crying (which is terrible because I like to think of myself as a strong woman and I believe crying shows weakness) every time I think about this because I know I have to let him go. I don’t want to, I love him, but I know it won’t work. And so, here I am, venting; hoping that this will help a bit.


One thought on “What to do when your heart’s torn in two?

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