I spoke with a psychic yesterday out of curiosity and for fun. She told me about my past, present, and future. The psychic began by saying I’m a good hearted person and I give and try to help people but they don’t always do the same for me. She said I’m not surrounded by the best people right now. Two of my friends I can’t trust, and I know who they are. The second she told me that, two people came to mind. She continued by telling me how there is a guy right now in my life and I like him a lot but things aren’t going to work out. Him and I should just remain friends. There is a guy in my life right now and he is leaving for the navy tomorrow (technically today) and we actually spoke about where we see ourselves and we are trying but he doesn’t have me convinced that he believes we’ll work. So I guess we’ll see. She also told me I’m a jealous person which is 100% true. When I realized she nailed it and got me down to a tee I thought I’d actually listen to what she said my future consisted of. She said I haven’t met my soulmate yet. I’ll meet him in a year to a year and a half at a party. A friend of mine will introduce us. but that kind of bothers me because I still like this navy kid a lot. It bothers me that she told me not to be with one of the guys that knows me inside and out, I’m afraid of losing him, a guy that was crazy about me. But apparently I’m going to date this kid for a while and eventually marry him. I’ll end up with three kids, twin girls and a boy. I will be financially secure and the guy I will marry comes from a well off family. He will travel a lot due to his job and sometimes I’ll travel with him and other times I won’t. But I’ll also end up living in a warm region. I’ll only be with my soulmate, no divorces. And I will live a long happy life. She did see illness however, but nothing too serious. She complimented my auora as well. I guess we’ll see where this goes. I’m just so upset about her telling me it won’t work with the guy in my life right now (navy kid) and we will only be friends. I blew her off with that, but these past few days the guy in my life right now has become more distant and seems like he isn’t trying at all. And he told me that he wants to get through bootcamp and school first before he thinks about a relationship. He said he doesn’t want me to wait for him and if someone better comes along I should give them a try. But I doubt someone will and plus I don’t want anyone right now. And I’m scared this psychic will be right because things aren’t looking well with my navy guy. And I’m afraid that when he does come back maybe he will want to be with me but I will have found someone. I should be okay with it though right? Because it is supposed to be my soulmate. But I’m not okay with it. Mainly because I’m afraid I never gave my navy guy a fair shot in the years we’ve been on and off with each other. And because of what happened with Will, I’m afraid of screwing something up with a nice guy. How could she tell me that a guy that knows me so well is better off as my friend and it won’t work? How dare she. And on top of that, the navy guy has always told me how great I am, how beautiful I am, and how any guy would be lucky to have me and would kill for a girl like me. He brings me up. He always has. And now he’s telling me how if he can’t give me the best and what I deserve then I should be with someone else who can, someone better than him. But how could there be anyone better than the guy that has always told me I deserve the best and truly believes it, more than I do. I’m lost, and I don’t know what to think. I just don’t think he’s interested or fully into this, so I’m just going with the flow. Whatever happens, happens. Hopefully my navy guy comes back in a year from now as a new person and the old him can introduce me to the new him.